Tips and Tricks: How to Clean Dog Beds

Dog bed maintenance

Sanitation of dog bed is crucial as our furry companions can spend as much as 16 hours sleeping. We also know how much dogs love to collect or hide their favorite items in their beds. Keeping the bed clean is the key to keep your pooch healthy and happy.

Follow these simple steps to ensure a clean and comfortable sleep.

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Machine Washable Beds

Not only look for beds that are machine washable, but also select the ones that have detachable covers. This will ensure the filler stay poofy and not easily collapsed. Get extra cover if possible.

Vacuum before washing to remove hair, food debris, or any visible particles.

For a quick wash, simply remove the cover from the pillow and bed. You can also opt to soak the cover in hot water 15 minutes prior to laundering.

For deeper cleaning, toss the entire pillow and bed with covers into the washing machine. Ensure the zippers are closed to keep the bed intact.

For the washing machine settings, select large load with cold water and gentle cycle.. Dispense pet friendly laundry detergent or use natural ingredients such as vinegar and baking soda. No bleach.

For the dryers settings, select low temperature. If the entire bed is being washed, i.e. including the filler, dry for 20 minutes and air dry under sun. Feel free to throw in dryer balls to re-fluff the pillows and bed.

What are some of your techniques? Share with us in the comment section!


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