Tips and Tricks: Guide to Choosing Dog Beds

Just like us, dogs need a cozy and comfortable place to rest. Beds are dogs’ sanctuary: to relax, sleep, play, nibble, and hide bones. By providing our doggies with appropriate beds, their health and quality of life are assured. We all agree on this right?

But how do we go about doing it? Here are some tips on the pursuit of the bed to ensure your dogs get their beauty sleep.

Things to Consider When Buying Dog Beds

Choosing the perfect dog beds can be daunting and time consuming. We will break it down for you. Here are some points to consider.


Comfort is the priority when it comes to bed. Bed should be comfortable given that dogs can sleep as much as 16 hours a day. For us, as humans, don’t we want thick, soft paddings? Imagine we sleep on a cloud. Dogs want the same too, so you should look for a bed with thicker paddings. Always look for a bed that has at least 1.5 times (150%) of the normal fillings.


Large furry dogs can get overheated in the summer. Dog beds that provide a cool sleeping surface (shorter fur exteriors) is beneficial to your dog’s well-being. For smaller dogs, longer fur in the exterior is preferable because small dogs lose body heat more. If you are unsure, to have the best of both worlds, you will want a dog bed with long fur on one side (for winter) and short fur on the other (for summer).

Size and Shape

There are a variety of shapes and sizes of dog beds. First, determine the styles that match their specific traits or breeds. A dog should be able to lie flat on his side and stretch out without hanging over the edge. Second, take your dog’s measurements and compare with the specifications (length x width x height), in order to ensure the fitting.

Sleeping style also plays a role in the selection of dog bed. Larger dog beds are suitable for dogs who like to sprawl out when resting; whereas beds with contour are for dogs who like to curl up in a ball. The bolster bed with enclosure feeling provides a sense of security as if the small doggies are being cuddled. Because of this, a bed with a rim is more suitable for smaller dogs.

Washable cover

This is a must! Keep both your house and dogs clean. I am sure you have experienced “accidents” with your dog from time to time. Look for a bed with removable and washable cover for your convenience when it comes to washing time!

Looking for a dog bed might not be as simple as you think but the effort and time spent are totally worth it.

Remember that a perfect dog bed, that suits your dog’s individual needs, is an investment in your dog’s happiness and well-being. It is the unconditional love and friendship that not merely a best friend can provide. Shouldn’t human exhibit reciprocal favor in return?


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