Choosing a Perfect Bed for Your Dog

Getting a good night sleep is important

Dogs, being a good companion, should be protected appropriately with its proper basic necessities. They need warm and comfortable bed just like humans.

Dog beds comes in all types and varieties including bolster bed, orthopedic beds, heated or cooled beds, cedar filled beds, nest beds, cots, or simple padded beds. It may simple to choose right away but you have to consider the size and weight of your dog, location of the bed (indoor or outdoor), dog’s condition, shape and size of the bed, and most importantly your budget.

  • Bolster beds – many dogs preferred this because of its simple padding as well as bolster along the back of the bed which provides additional support for their heads since it is slightly elevated. But it is significantly expensive given that it is made with more durable stuffing and they are generally bulky that may take a quite bit space in your room.
  • Orthopedic beds– beds that are generally for dogs with Arthritis, hip dysplasia, or simply older dogs. It is thick, durable and has comfortable support to keep dogs off the ground as possible. It has additional firm padding underneath to decrease the amount of cold that your dog will experience by laying on the floor and by reducing the impact on your dogs ailing joints. They provide waterproof sleeping quarters for older dogs with incontinence issues. They are usually expensive and mostly cost $100.
  • Heated or Cooled beds– heated beds are for dogs with joint problems and arthritis and cooled beds are for older dogs that seek relief to loosen up their stiff joints.
  • Cedar Filled beds – are mostly available on pet stores and preferred by most family who are worried about their dogs’ bed becoming odor-filled and causing their house to smell. Cedar filled beds are excellent but not for all dogs, some people are allergic to cedar and so as some dogs.
  • Nest beds – one of the popular beds which preferred for medium sized dogs. It resembles a half box with a pillow in the bottom of the bed. The bottom of the bed is covered by a pillow to allow protection and comfort against hard surfaces and the raised sides allow the dog to feel contained in their space. Just take into consideration the quality of the filling material to ensure that your dog is protected from hard surfaces.
  • Cots- preferred if you want to put your dog outside. They provide your dog with a sleeping area that is lifted slightly above the ground to elevate them from heated or cooled surfaces, hard surfaces and any insects which may be prominent in the area while your dog is resting. They are particularly good for large dogs or dogs with thick coats. The cost is nearly the same as the orthopedic pet beds. Addition of blanket will allow the dog to den.
  • Simple padded beds – preferred with many owners because of the limited budget to work with and almost available in every pet store. They come in variety of design and variety of sizes. It includes any basic dog bed that incorporates a material cover over a pillow or stuffing some sort. However cheap price doesn’t come with great quality. Some of their padding is thin and quickly wears out that leaves your dog sleeping on its pillowcase of material. Pick a filling material that is going to offer your dog comfort and safety like polyester fill, down fill or cotton fill in a bed and avoid foam filled beds that can breed bacteria.

Any dog will comfortable in his own bed as long as you put in the effort of finding the right one. Dogs can fall asleep anywhere, it’s up to the owner to be a good best friend to let them have a good one and experience comfort. Good rest means owner don’t have to be stress anymore in dealing with his/her pet’s situation just because he/she failed to get what was the best for the dogs.

In addition to this, dog beds are far more hygienic option than leaving the dog to sleep into your furniture or any of your old blankets. Provided that their dog beds are washable, it’s the most sanitized way to keep your dog comfortable while they sleep. It could take a little time and effort to find the right one but when you find it, and when you know how important it is for their health and happiness, you’ll agree that it is worth the effort and the expense.


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